Adult Mood Food Guide

Adult Mood Food Guide


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Do you want your brain smoothly revving up like the engine of a race car, so you can achieve peak mental and physical performance? Of course you do! An alert mind, feelings of calmness and content, and sharp focus are the foundation of successful, productive days. The Mood Foodie Guide will show you how to achieve abundant energy, increased creativity and much more through the food choices you make. Expect a lot of colourful, vibrant foods that are nutrient-dense and delicious beyond belief!

The ultimate goal is to empower and inspire you. Patricia wants you to become excited about your health so you can take a bite out of life! Though her approach is based in science, you won’t find any confusing or boring jargon within this guidebook’s pages. What to expect from the Mood Foodie Guide:

  • A compilation of Patricia’s most popular mood food dishes – easy to prepare, nutritious and tasty
  • Information on the scientific relationship between mood and food, and how dietary choices influence brain chemistry
  • Guidance on how to identify mood foods – the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • Overview of why being a “Mood Foodie” is a lifestyle strategy that supports your overall health – not a fad diet centred on calorie counting
  • Mindful shopping and cooking tips to empower you at the grocery store and in the kitchen


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