Youth Mood Food Guide

Youth Mood Food Guide



At age 20, your brain reaches maturity. The years leading up to your 20th birthday are the most important period for your brain’s development. Patricia understands that your rapidly evolving brain has a lot to process between school, your social life, familial obligations, work, and trying to figure out what comes next. Why not ease your mind by eating nutrient-dense foods that support concentration, happiness, and creativity? Getting into the habit of incorporating good mood foods into your eating supports physical and mental well-being – now and into the future. With a well-fueled brain, no goal is out of reach!

Within the pages of the Mood Foodie Teen Guide you will learn:

  • Healthy recipes that taste amazing and are both fun and easy to make
  • The mood-food connection; how and why the foods you choose to eat can influence your mood and cognitive performance
  • Why it’s important to understand that being a “Mood Foodie” does not mean depriving yourself or obsessing over calories, but instead choosing colourful whole foods loaded with nutrition
  • Tips to help you be a “Mood Foodie” rock star at the grocery store and in the kitchen


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Patricia Borsato, The MoodFoodie