Meet Patricia

Patricia Borsato


My intense curiosity around food never ceases. My connection to food deepens the more I learn and put into practise through creative play in the kitchen. I have spent my entire life cooking and celebrating food – as part of my Italian heritage and for its positive impact on mental health.

I have diplomas in both culinary arts and chemistry, and am proud to call myself a chef and full-fledged “Mood Foodie.” My training, coupled with my own experience achieving optimal mental well-being through nutrition, uniquely positions me to provide guidance helpful to anyone looking to restore or enhance their cognitive performance. My approach is scientific, high energy, fun and interactive.

Many people understand that healthy eating, regular exercise and adequate rest are the foundation of good health. My goal is to take the “healthy eating” piece one step further and show how nutrition and specific foods can directly contribute to improved brain functioning; thus, supporting overall health. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and insights with others through a unique culinary methodology that emphasizes the practicality and benefits of consuming local, sustainable foods.

You can count on me for:

  • Real Facts

    I share real facts from trusted sources about food and the potential impact on your mental and physical well-being. 

  • Easy Enticing Recipes

    I’ve created a collection of easy to follow recipes using a combination of wholesome ingredients that are easy to find and taste amazing.

  • Culinary Tips

    My goal is to help you gain skills that will transform cooking into a really creative and pleasurable experience.

Patricia Borsato, The MoodFoodie