Patricia recognizes that trying new things can seem daunting. That is why she puts herself in her clients’ shoes. Patricia is committed to sharing unintimidating wellness strategies that support improved brain function. Her resources and workshops are accessible, easy to follow and designed to get you excited about your health! The ultimate goal is to empower you.


Honesty and authenticity are the heart of Patricia’s approach. She only encourages strategies that she has thoroughly researched and tested herself. All tips and insights are based on the scientific relationship between brain function and food. Patricia seeks to inspire and educate by delivering services and guidance with integrity and professionalism.


Patricia does it for the love of food and the love of you! The health and happiness of Patricia’s clients inspires all she does. She is grateful for the trust clients place in her; the thrill of helping others achieve greater well-being is profoundly rewarding. It’s a feeling she is always chasing! Patricia wants you to pick her brain – she has a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share.


Experts always hunting for new knowledge versus those who are not is like comparing apples to oranges. Staying on top of the latest research in nutritional neuroscience and well-being is Patricia’s top priority. She loves discovering new and exciting ways to expand her knowledge and skills to better serve clients.


Patricia radiates positivity into everything she does for and with clients. Fueled by good mood foods, how could she not? The power to boost mood through nutrition is exciting and empowering. Life is a bowl of cherries for Patricia when she can connect clients to wellness solutions that help them feel happier and healthier.

Patricia Borsato, The MoodFoodie